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Erik & Aicila explored several topics with Rev. Roger Wolsey, a free spirit who thinks and feels a lot about Spirit, Soul, and Life. The author of “Kissing Fish: Christianity for people who don’t like Christianity”, Roger is a progressive Christian pastor (United Methodist) who identifies with people who consider themselves "spiritual, but not religious" – as well as with people who don’t think they have a spiritual bone in their bodies.

Show Notes

Rev Roger Wolsey spent some time talking with us about his efforts to meet people who come from different perspectives and get to know them. He identifies as a liberal man who wants to reach across the aisle and get to know the men he has spent time judging. We loved his article, Tough Guys Need Friends, and Cancel Cancel Culture (both are linked below). His wisdom, humor, and dedication to a better world were inspirational. We hope you enjoy this conversation and please reach out and let us (and him) know what you think! 

Roger's Site
Cookies of Love |
Christianity for people who aren't Christian |
Tough Guys Need Friends |
Cancel Cancel Culture |

BiCurean Moment
United Methodist Split |
Watchmen on HBO |

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