January 11, 2022 — Organic waste reduction is the focus of a sprawling piece of state legislation due to go into effect this year. SB 1383 requires jurisdictions to drastically cut down on the amount of edible food and food-based waste that goes into the landfill and causes methane gas pollution. In order to contribute to the statewide goals, local composters expect to increase their tonnage by 40%. Solid waste haulers will be responsible for making sure their customers know what goes into the green bins, and starting in 2024, jurisdictions will be expected to start enforcing local ordinances.
Cold Creek Compost in Potter Valley currently has organic waste contracts with Mendocino county and the cities, as well as a few in Lake and Sonoma counties. The company is currently permitted to process 50,000 tons of material per year. Sean O’Rourke handles the business’ licensing and permitting as it applies to increase its capacity by 40% and attempts to start another facility in Sonoma County.
Amber Fisette, the Mendocino County Deputy Director of Transportation overseeing the Solid Waste Division, says the county is on track, when it comes to composting facilties that take food scraps. And in a few months, Cold Creek won’t be the only game in town…

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