GSC Friday

We're really enjoying the new season of Drag Race and Gottmik has won in our hearts at least. It's amazing to see this kind of representation in a queer space on national television. And she turns looks, is a fashion designer, and a fierce competitor all rolled into one. But when there is one thing that is good, there will continue to be old white men trying to make things worse. Another round of Trans-aggressive legislation is working its way through various locales. Apparently they want to check the no-nos of children before they can go run around and miss the ball on a sports field. Beside's ridiculous, it's the natural evolution of checking who can use which bathroom. And yet again feeds the misogyny and patriarchal angst that we find ourselves in. Girls are inferior and need to be protected, and if she happened to be assigned male at birth, well naturally she must be better than all the other poor girls. We cannot with this, and we hope that you will continue to talk to your elected officials to stop these bills in their tracks. Lastly, we prepare for our eventually move and try to figure out what it is that we do when we don't podcast. Dean got a new position, John gets to work from home, and it turns out that Dean may have actually sold a few books a few years ago. (Wink, wink. We would love you to buy our art. John's is actually good!)

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