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Mixed & Compiled by D-Mustard

We are very pleased to present an exclusive mix for the PHUK group from a man that needs little introduction. A prolific DJ who recently came back out of retirement and we’re so glad he did.

This mix is special. It takes us through a wonderful deep, mystical world of solid progressive House. All the layers and elements this group loves are contained neatly in a 2 hour beautifully crafted journey.

Ladies and gentlemen we present Scotland’s man of the moment D-Mustard.

Show Notes

Full Track Listing

1. Michael A - Genuine (Original mix)
2. Sebastian Sellares - Vanaheim (Original mix)
3. Pro4ound - Ancient Times (Golan Zocher remix)
4. Halaros - A Minor Smile (Original mix)
5. Juan Sapia - Ephemeral
6. Arni - Andromeda (Stereo Munk remix)
7. Paul Deep (AR) - Medusa (John Cosani remix)
8. Armando Guerrero - Internal Vibrations (Original mix)
9. Paul Hazendonk - Derelicte (Kamadev remix)
10. Ramin Helvet - Xayaluna (Bynomic remix)
11. Pedro Capelossi - King Of The Dark Desert (Ge Bruny remix)
12. Subandrio - The Other Side (Original mix)
13. Fernando Olaya - Animal (Simos Tagias remix)
14. Fernando Olaya - Carousel (Original mix)
15. Kenan Savrun - Shivaya (Ziger remix)
16. Kamilo Sanclemente - Cathurnight (Original mix)
17. Stan Kolev, Rick Pier O'Neil - Descend (Original mix)
18. NeoTraffic - Jupiter (Original mix)
19. Antrim - Pyramids (Navar Ancient C remix)
20. Blue Cell - Der Fliegende Hollaender (Original mix)
21. Hans Zimmer - 2049 (Outro)

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