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Ptolemic, Charles Eames, phenomenology, architecture, compression and release. In the spirit of Vitruvius - commodity, firmness, and delight - this podcast is the ultimate synthesis.

Show Notes

I sit down with friend, fellow cyclocross racer and Principal Architect at Arch11, Ken Andrews.  I have personally been fascinated with design and architecture since I was a kid, but never understood the nuances of why I liked some buildings and not others. 

Take a look at the amazing designs on Arch11's Instagram feed: 

Ken takes me through, with passion, expertise and humility:
  • art, function, style, proportion
  • defining compression and release
  • the interconnected role of construction and architecture
  • site specific response
  • the making of space and how design inhabits the world
  • Arch11's commitment to a built environment and eliminating carbon footprints 
Here are the books and movies now on my list from this chat:

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What is The Matt Sodnicar Podcast?

The Matt Sodnicar Podcast. Founded on the belief that one need not be famous to tell a compelling story. Focused on turning points in business and in life, those moments that will inspire others.

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