How We Work - with Iso Rabins

Welcome back to the second episode of my Reminder Series! In this episode, I'm diving into a topic that means a lot to me but sometimes slips my mind. It's about how we often focus so much on the one thing that's wrong or missing and forget to see all the good that's happening around it.

Life is full of ups and downs, both in work and in our personal lives. Sometimes, we focus so much on what went wrong that we forget to see all the things that are going right. This is especially true when I think about relationships. 

How many times have we all been stuck on one mistake someone made and ignored all the other good things they did?

So, today's episode is all about this idea: "Notice everything they ARE doing, instead of the one thing they AREN'T doing." It's a simple reminder to look at the bigger picture and appreciate all the good around us.

If you've ever felt down because of small mistakes or wanted to have a more positive outlook on life, I hope today's episode helps you out.

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