Agency Journey

Running a marketing agency is hard. Running one remotely across several time zones? Even harder.

So how do you keep a distributed team aligned, motivated, and growing together?

In this episode of Agency Journey, host Gray MacKenzie interviews Janet Mesh, CEO and co-founder of Aimtal, a fully remote marketing agency. We dig into the keys that accelerated Aimtal’s growth over the past 5 years.

Janet shares how Aimtal has doubled its team and revenue each year through an intentional focus on talent, culture, and streamlined operations.

Episode Insights:
  • Implementing clear processes and documentation enabled Aimtal to effectively manage a distributed team across 7 time zones
  • Hosting immersive annual retreats reconnects their remote team and aligns everyone on vision and goals
  • How Aimtal structures retreats to maximize bonding and alignment
  • Focusing on talent, values, and culture fit over geography gives Aimtal access to the best talent globally
  • The importance of intention in building a thriving remote agency and team
  • Relying on tools like Rippling to streamline operations and free up bandwidth as they scale
  • Leading with transparency and vulnerability as keys to remote team success

Resources Mentioned:
  • Rippling - For HR/IT management
  • Guru - Knowledge base software
  • TravelPerk - Travel management platform
  • Anthropic - AI assistant tool

Whether you're building a remote agency or colocated team, Janet offers fantastic insights into leading with intention, investing in processes and culture, and scaling successfully.

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