Minding Her Own Business

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Abby & Jayme discuss with the amazing Liz Dederer how to thrive as a small business during COVID 19. Liz Dederer is the Founder + CEO of Selling With Service. She delivers the hilarious and un-apologetically disruptive conversation of "Excuse Me, Ma'am, Your Wage Gap Is Showing". She is freaking hilarious and incredibly empowering. Listen for that "Holy Shift" moment.

What is Minding Her Own Business?

As girls, we were always taught to mind our own business, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Join Jayme & Abby, two business owners/moms/wives/bad-asses, as they interview successful women who are navigating their own business ventures. They firmly believe that Wonder Woman is real and lies in each one of us and we are all part of our respective tribes. Each episode we will discuss an aspect of their success so we can fuel and elevate women entrepreneurs and business owners. If you have a business, have been thinking about starting one, or just want to hear some cool chicks navigate the business world, join us as we mind our own businesses.