Stories of STEM Q

James talks with Dr Tamsyn Crowley about UNE's impressive Poultry Hub, animal welfare, and agricultural career paths relating to the poultry industry.

Show Notes

The Poultry Hub, situated on campus here at the University of New England, is a world renowned research centre working to improve practices in the livestock industry. Dr Tamsyn Crowley is the Director of the Poultry Hub, and a researcher at UNE with a focus on improving animal wellbeing by using molecular markers to quantify stress levels in livestock. In this interview we chat with Dr Crowley about how the research conducted at the Poultry Hub finds its way into industry and helps improve agricultural practices. We also chat about the different career paths available in the poultry industry and how university studies and postgraduate studies can help you find the right path in an agricultural career. 

What is Stories of STEM Q?

The University of New England’s STEM Quarter (STEM Q) is a platform for regional partnerships. It seeks to become an engine of innovation by connecting industry & investment with research & education through mutually beneficial projects. By providing local industries and communities with a pathway to engage in research specifically focused on local challenges, the New England and North West region of New South Wales, Australia, is headed for incredible success.

Focused on the four key pillars – agribusiness, health and wellbeing, digital intelligence and enabling infrastructure, Stories of STEM_Q will introduce the brilliant people and projects in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, contributing to the progressive and innovative change occurring across the region.