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Create Your Energetic Blueprint for 2010 Part 2

Show Notes

BRING ON 2010!!! Set your treasure map NOW, so you can get the results you really want in 2010, without struggle! The is already the BEST YEAR EVER!!! And I am absolutely committed to helping you set yourself up in the most important ways to make sure you get to create it, attract it, and live it!! It can be done, it can be installed into your light body, so you have an internal GPS that will guide you throughout the year, to what YOU truly want in the areas of Health, Wealth, love and joy.

What is BlissLife with Akasha?

Manifest The Life Your Soul Intended. Adventures in LightBody and Beyond.

BlissLife with Akasha is a weekly podcast with host Nan Akasha. Come join Akasha's adventures in LightBody and Beyond.

Meditations, readings, chakras, sacred geometry and much more and beyond.

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