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A video game podcast which spends almost an entire episode talking about Black Mirror?

Show Notes

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WARNING: This episode container spoilers for the Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch. If you haven't experienced Bandersnatch yet, and want to avoid spoliers then please skip this episode

The B joins us to discuss video games, except that we spend the entire time talking about the Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch, Squidgey tells us that he hasn't seen any Black Mirror shows but has seen (and really enjoyed) Dead Set, Jay tells us about how he got munched on the Director's Cut of the Resident Evil for PSX, and both Jay and The B talk about their favourite (non-bleak) Black Mirror episodes.

there have been one or two which weren't too bleak

All this and more in episode 32 of the Waffling Taylors podcast: JanuWhat?

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What is The Waffling Taylors Podcast?

A podcast by the Waffling Taylors - who are two brothers who love video gaming and talking nonsense.