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In this episode of the Hello Blink Show, Harris and Shawn wanted to share their presentation on sales and marketing for Boulder Startup Week 2020. They are joined by special guest Katie Hackos.

Show Notes


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 In this episode of the Hello Blink Show, Harris and Shawn wanted to share their presentation on sales and marketing for Boulder Startup Week 2020. They are joined by Katie Hackos to delve deeper into retaining customer relations but the disconnect between sales and marketing can have adverse effects on these efforts. Listeners will hear their insights on communicating with customers and why marketers and sales people should work together. They explore the dynamics to why these departments operate in different directions and include best practices. This episode is an interactive, mock business discussion as they elaborate on these topics.

One Powerful Quotation

 36:01: Harris: “...If you’re not creating a culture where everyone feels bought into what’s happening in the sales side of the business, you are not helping that build a culture that’s going to help the company grow in the long run…People need to understand what the sales team is thinking about. How they’re thinking about it. Marketing needs to know what the sales numbers are.”

Key Topics
  • 4:25: The episode kicks off with Katie, Harris, and Shawn introducing themselves and their work background. 
  • 8:15: Shawn is introduced as Chief Marketing Officer of boulder.io as he prepares to meet with the CEO to cover their annual statistics. 
  • 12:54: Harris is introduced as Director of Business as he shares his reflections of boulder.io. 
  • 17:15: Shawn and Harris answer questions from viewers and discuss their mock roles. 
  • 25:46: Shawn continues his talks on why marketing teams should recognize KPIs to discover buyer personas. He also explains the Pareto Principle. 
  • 33:14: Harris talks about the dysfunctions in sales teams and why this department should not be disjointed with marketing. He also discusses the prisoner’s dilemma as it relates to business strategy. 
  • 41:40: Shawn talks to the audience about The Hello Blink Show. 
  • 43:08: Shawn clarifies the Pareto Principle, and Harris/Shawn discuss calculating the lifetime value of your customer base. 
  • 48:56: Harris and Shawn articulate the most common and costly mistakes they’ve witnessed in organizations for sales and marketing. 
  • 52:50: Harris and Shawn respond to why there are no chief revenue officers in more organiza-tions. Harris thinks there is a cultural shift in venture capital moving away from having this position.
List of Resources

 Website - Bonusly
Website - Boulder Startup Week
Website - Prisoner’s Dilemma
Article - Round canoe syndrome
Website - Pareto Principle

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LinkedIn - Katie Hackos
Twitter - Katie Hackos
LinkedIn - Ben Travis

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LinkedIn - Shawn Hymel
LinkedIn - Harris Kenny
Twitter - Shawn Hymel
Twitter - Harris Kenny

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“Hello Blink Show” by Kenny Consulting Group, LLC and Skal Risa, LLC is licensed under CC BY 4.0
Intro and outro song is “Routine” by Amine Maxwell is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Special Guest: Katie Hackos.

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