The Final Girls

A mini-series dedicated to the influential book House of Psychotic Women and the films it covers.

Show Notes

A new mini-series dedicated to the influential book by Kier-la Janisse, House of Psychotic Women. In this first episode, a conversation between writer Sophie Monks Kaufman and lecturer and podcaster Mary Wild about discovering the book, the cinephile memoir, and what makes it, even ten years on, such a peerless piece of work.

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Produced and presented by Anna Bogutskaya


Music: "Prince of Darkness" by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio


The Final Girls are a UK-based film collective exploring the intersections of horror film and feminism, founded by Anna Bogutskaya and Olivia Howe.

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Creators & Guests

Anna Bogutskaya
Writer, Film Critic and Host of The Final Girls
Mary Wild
Freudian cinephile. Pop psychoanalyst. Scorpio. Creator of the Projections lecture series @FreudMusLondon Cohost @ProjectionsPod Contributor @EvolutionPod
Sophie Monks Kaufman
Freelance film & culture writer with exquisite taste. Contact 👉🏻 sophie at tcolondon dot com

What is The Final Girls?

A weekly podcast dedicated to exploring horror film history, one trope at a time. Each series we dissect a trope to death through deep dive conversations hosted by film writer Anna Bogutskaya.