Back to School Again

Just as Allan Reid was ready to return to school his husband was ready to retire and travel the world. They found some middle ground with Athabasca University’s distance and online learning offerings.

Show Notes

Armed with a suitcase full of books, Allan (amazingly!) found the discipline to study onboard cruise ships while sailing around the world. Many years, courses, and ports of call later, he now holds a bachelor’s degree in English and is a writer with Monday Magazine. We talk about...
  • Why Allan decided it was time to return to the classroom
  • The importance of making a back to school journey work for the whole family
  • How Allan connected to Athabasca University and how online learning made his academic dream possible
  • How learning technologies have evolved from old school bulletin board services to new online tools
  • Learning how to learn again
  • How to focus and have the discipline to study while travelling the world
  • Studying what you love, broadening your horizons and learning more about the world and yourself
  • Writing for Monday Magazine and working on a novel about average people caught in a slightly dystopian, uncertain world that's changing them against their will (sounds familiar!)
A huge THANKS to our season sponsors, Athabasca University, Canada's online university.
Check out some of Allan's work with Monday Magazine.
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What is Back to School Again?

A podcast for mid-life learners.