How one company got its clients onboard the Shape Up train.

Show Notes

Since releasing Shape Up, the book by Basecamp's Ryan Singer about our approach to product development, we've heard from other companies who've also adopted this methodology. David Nichols is the co-founder and CEO of Loupe, a company that helps design machines for clients in sectors from aerospace to packaging. He comes on Rework to talk about using Shape Up principles with clients who come from a world of complex contracts and project overruns.

Show Notes

Our previous episode, "Shape Up: The Print Edition" - 00:11

Shape Up - 00:16

David Nichols on Twitter - 00:45

Loupe - 00:49

Six-week cycles - 7:56

Circuit breaker - 13:50

Loupe's explanation of how they "Ship in Six" - 17:30

Our episode introducing Shape Up - 24:52

We featured Hearth & Hammer on the episode "Bubble Wrap & Prayers" - 28:02

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