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This week, the gang discusses the Golden Globes, play a game of Guess Who's Coming and watch the BBC's latest adaptation of Dracula.

Show Notes

This week, Swanson, Kiorein and Stairmaster discuss the Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais' opening monologue and whether or not we can take his points seriously. Then, the gang play a game of Guess Who's Coming focused on some new cable shows debuting soon. Later, the boys sit down to watch the BBC's latest adaptation of Dracula and wonder why no one ever makes the vampire lord this much of an asshole. 

What is TV Tuners?

TV Tuners is an entertainment podcast that examines the week in television with wit and excitement. Every week, TV connoisseur and pop culture obsessive, Swanson, brings his best pals, Kiorein and Stairmaster, along for an examination of TV news, trailers and the hottest new shows hitting the air.