The Community Safety Podcast

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The Promotional Podcast for The Community Safety Podcast introducing the host Jim Nixon and outlining the first 3 guests on the Podcast. The Podcast will be launched at 7pm on Friday the 22nd January 2021.

Show Notes

Promotional Podcast for The Community Safety Podcast outlining the objective of the Podcast and introducing the first 3 guests, Dr Grace Robinson covering County Lines the criminal exploitation of young people into the drugs trade, Paul Walmsley, once Britain's most wanted criminal and now a reformed character helping young people to build a better life, Tracy Jones and Anti-Social Behaviour Specialist who now works in the field of Digital Training. The Podcast will explore how we can transform Communities in the 21st Century.

What is The Community Safety Podcast?

The Community Safety Podcast has been created by Jim Nixon from Birmingham in the United Kingdom. Community Safety is the use of skills, knowledge and techniques, to prevent and reduce crime, disorder and fear of crime and develop safer communities in which to live, work and visit. Community Safety affects us all in society, it's all our responsibility to improve communities. Some of the main issues affecting communities in today’s society is violence, knife crime, mental health, alcohol abuse, drugs, child exploitation, anti-social behaviour and many many more.