Adopting Joy

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Colleen reveals inspirational insights on how she turned her biggest struggle into a successful mountaintop experience—literally, in the grandeur of the Grand Canyon. Join Colleen as she shares the top five secrets for dealing with a critical, narcissistic naysayer, and discover how to take control of your self-confidence while maintaining your sanity and a still-sunny disposition.
An international speaker and author, Colleen has entertained thousands with her energetic and inspirational keynotes in 48 states and six countries. She loves helping others overcome adversity, deal with difficult people and elevate their confidence. Colleen has made it her mission to inspire others to transform their struggles into successes

Show Notes

💔 My personal story of how to deal with difficult people, and how to turn that struggle into success. 0.00

🏜️ What I learned speaking on emotional intelligence at a leadership event in the Grand Canyon. 1:30  

💗 Learning to be the “bigger person” and the story behind changing my last name. 5:04

💪 The lessons I learned from my dad, and why I don’t worry about what other people think of me. 20:43

🌄 Living a life of no regrets: my mountaintop experience. 24:10

Points to remember

😓 No matter what you do to resolve a situation with a chronically difficult person, you may never please them.

🤕 Hurting people hurt others.

⛔ Some people are miserable and misery loves company. Don’t accept the invitation.

Life lessons…key takeaways

🗯️ Stop worrying what other people think. You will never please everyone.
It is often not about you. It is about what is going on with THEM.

⚠️ Know your triggers. Often the folks closest to you know all the right buttons to press! Know your triggers so you can plan ahead. React proactively not reactively.

👨‍🏫 Your worst role models will serve as your greatest teachers.

🌼 Look for the blessing in every situation. What are you supposed to learn from this experience that you can pass on to others?

🤸 Starting today, live with no regrets.

👑 Discover how to be the “bigger person” and why it’s important.

🦋 Emerge a butterfly


What is Adopting Joy?

The Adopting Joy podcast was created to help you overcome adversity, follow your fate, and find joy, so you can create your best life. Join Colleen Joy Ryan as she shares inspirational insights and actionable tips, tools, and techniques on topics like dealing with difficult people, how to get and stay motivated, transforming your past into your purpose, inspiring dog stories, and more