The Grove Church / Dallas, Texas

In this sermon, Rev. Stephen Lohoefer wraps up our series, Troubled Hearts, and looks at the two-headed monster of our desire to acquire - Jealousy and Greed.
Jealousy is the desire to have what someone else has, and greed is the desire to have more and more.
They can be so subtle that you likely don’t think they affect you - but left unchecked, they have a significant influence over our lives and erode our relationships.

What is The Grove Church / Dallas, Texas?

The Grove Church is a neighborhood church located in Dallas, TX. We love the imagery of coming together as a community and being the group of 'fruit-bearing trees' that Jeremiah writes about in the Old Testament (see Jeremiah 17:7-8). Our vision for The Grove is to become a church that lives out its faith in tangible ways, intentionally creating environments that gather people together, grow them closer to God, and give back to our neighbors. This podcast is our audio versions of live sermons preached every Sunday online and in-person.