mommy needs a minute

This week on Mommy Needs a Minute, I sit down with one of my best friends, Esther, to share how we decided to leave our families for 12 days to go on a mom trip. We left work, kids and partners and had the adventure of a lifetime.

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Esther's Travel Must Have
- Lululemon Belt Bag Fanny Pack

Jenna's Travel Must Have
- Ursa Major Face Wipe

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Jenna Sereni
Jenna Sereni is the Founder and CEO of HandsDown, and more importantly, Mom to 4 year old Stone. Jenna, an innovator and pioneer in Influencer Marketing, has made it her life's work to connect Moms to each other because Moms are the OG Influencers. Jenna's conversational style, comedic sensibility and passionate yet approachable nature brings a focused series of content to Moms that they crave, while learning from Moms and iterating to serve their needs along the way.

What is mommy needs a minute?

"Mommy Needs a Minute" features under twenty-minute podcast episodes, multiple days per week, offering moms a quick hit of inspiration, education and entertainment.

Every episode is helpful to Moms in at least one way - we'll try to make you laugh, answer parenting questions on your mind, make you feel seen and appreciated and, most of all, provide a community of shared experience and knowledge for Moms, by Moms.

Our goal is to be a Mom's trusted source for stories, advice, recommendations, and connection. Parenting can feel lonely, confusing, and frustrating, but also rewarding and life-changing in the best of ways. When busy Moms need a minute to take a break, reflect and laugh a little, we're here for you.