Happy No Fear

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Malkovich is an emcee and a world traveller.

Show Notes

Malkovich is an emcee and a world traveller. We talk about his #onebag project, his Iranian roots, recording albums with producers around the world for the last 7 years, how to set up shop in a new country in a day flat, understanding big data, being in prison in Namibya, living in Vietnam, living in Malaysia, doing business in Southeast Asia, dating in Mumbai, the problem with immigration officers, why Cambodia is the new Wild West, setting up his media marketing company in Saigon and managing 20 employees, understanding who you are through your art and living the American Dream with a Visa.

IG: @malkovichmusic

What is Happy No Fear?

A podcast hosted by CHASE (@theartofchase) // Tune in weekly for talks with artists and creatives discussing life in the arts and tricks of the trade.