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Could burnout come from not communicating a clear path for the player? Recreational, tournaments, tennis team, college, even professional? Are all players aware of these paths? How could it help prevent burnout? In this episode, we consider communicating these paths to players early and often in the hopes of avoiding burnout.

Show Notes

What leads to player burnout?

Everyone talks about burnout in the general sense, but not a lot of people put specificity around it.

Maybe, in part, burnout comes from not telling players the whole story - both at the beginning and during their individual journeys - of what it takes to learn the skills involved in the sport of tennis?  If players were more informed, they might have time to “think” about their “feelings” about tennis and in turn work through this complex mix of human byproduct and in turn feel more confident and comfortable in the direction they want their tennis to take.

If a coach communicated the possible paths in tennis then maybe a player might be more informed and develop a more intelligent and in-depth interest.  So what are some of these sample paths: 
  • Recreational
  • Recreational -> tournaments -> tennis team
  • Recreational -> high performance -> tournaments -> college
  • Recreational -> high performance -> tournaments -> college -> professional tennis,
  • Recreational -> tournaments -> high performance -> pro/am circuit (or futures) -> professional tennis
Could knowing and keeping these paths in mind make a difference and avoid burnout?

In this episode, we explore the concept of clearly communicating the paths available to players as they traverse along their own individual tennis trail.

Thanks for joining us on our journey!

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