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Gas Safety Week has been running as an important initiative for 12 years helping to educate and support safety in the property. Although this year the weeks events were cancelled out of respect of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the key message of safety in the home is extremely important in helping to keep the nation safe.

Show Notes

The podcast is a recording of the webinar hosted by David Mintz of Kerfuffle with Sián from Inventory Base and James Kent from Safe 2 - The Leading Provider of Property Safety Certificates.

In this recording, the panel discuss:
  1. Why should landlords invest in regular boiler maintenance? (safety)
  2. Can servicing your boiler help save money when it comes to fuel bills?  
  3. HMO traditionally have fuel bills included in the rent - is this likely to now change?
  4. What devices or software can landlords use to monitor usage?
  5. How can landlords and tenants check that the gas engineer is qualified and insured?
  6. Fire safety - why its important to check your doors 

Listen in as David, Sián and James highlight why ventilating is as equally as important as heating the property, why testing alarms every two weeks could save lives, the benefits of preventative maintenance and why checking your fire doors can give occupants vital time to leave the property in an emergency.

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This podcast is designed for property inventory clerks and service providers, presented by InventoryBase Academy