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In this episode, Dr. Penrose discusses the complexities involved with weight loss.

Show Notes

The move more and eat less has failed people over and over. It is important to work on FAT loss and not water weight and muscle mass loss! Dr. Penrose goes over five natural ways to boost your metabolism! Then she discusses some hormones that unfortunately over weight and obese individuals have a hard time with; which explains why their battle for weight loss is not just simply eat less and move more. Lastly, she covers the new 8 week program she is launching at her clinic to help people lose weight and keep it off with low glycemic eating, science based supplements that work with your hormones, exercise, and education regarding labels and full recipes! 

Dr. Penrose is excited to help people move more and enjoy longevity and the weight loss only helps with joint pain and reduces risk for heart disease and diabetes.

What is Stay Healthy South Sound?

On the Stay Healthy South Sound Podcast, we provide tips on staying healthy and expose common myths about health and aging so you can enjoy a healthier and active life in the amazing South Sound. This podcast is brought to you by Dr. Jennifer Penrose owner of Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy.