This episode is a sneak peek into a book that Neil has recently co-authored, and is due to be published later this year.
The book is called Better Business On Purpose, and is a guide for leaders in building businesses that make money, create impact and are a force for good in the world.
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Show Notes

Better Business On Purpose is a book that Neil has recently co-authored.

It's a practical guide for leaders who want to grow profit and have a positive impact on the world.
Included in the book:
  • Examples of inspiring businesses that have embedded purpose in their DNA, and who are making it work.
  • The '7 Ps' - a systematic approach to making your business more purpose-led and profitable at the same time.
  • The case for "doing more": why all business leaders have their role to play, and why it is never too late to begin.
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What is

Do you wonder whether there’s another way?
Another, more creative, more meaningful approach to living your life. Well there is and there’s a growing movement of people from all kinds of walks of life who are proving that the way we end up doing what we do in life is often a side effect of external forces. Rather than a deliberate, conscious and authentic set of choices that have come from you and your unique needs. What are you chasing? Success? Safety? Fame? Fortune? Recognition?
Have you stopped to think recently why you’re doing what your doing with your life? Are the stories that you're creating today the ones that you hope your grandchildren will be telling to their children? Are you creating your legacy?