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The first episode of the QN Podcast hosted by Pete and Charlie. They talk about the birth of QN, what influences them and answer some questions from instagram.

Show Notes

Welcome to the first episode of the Qualified Nutrition Podcast hosted by Pete and Charlie. This episode we talk about the events that led to QN’s birth and how we feel a podcast will compliment and serve what we are trying to achieve with QN. We will also talk about the atmosphere and environment that surrounds us both. How it has influenced our goals and the positives of surrounding yourself with people on the same journey. Then we answered a few questions from our instagram.

We hope you are willing to accompany us on this podcasting journey and find it useful. Please check us out at;

What is Qualified Nutrition Podcast?

Pete Bell and Charlie Mitten host the QN podcast with guests, nutritional advice, performance specific training and much more! Tune in weekly for the new episode and check in to push your performance and knowledge to the next level.