Life After Corporate

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Deb's guest this week is Tiina Wilen, the creator of the Avenue Growth System. A methodology that helps small business owners create assets and systems to grow their revenue, profits, and joy. In today's episode, Tiina shares her insight into the unpredictability of the entrepreneurial journey. We discuss how business owners can scale their business while also growing them, the importance of partnerships that work, and knowing how to focus on what is relevant.

Show Notes

👋  Welcome, Tiina! 00:42 
👩‍Tina's engineering background and shift from technology to design and manufacturing.  3:11
🏁 "Where you start might not be where you end up."  09:48
💰  Sales are the energies you exchange with people in for money.  15:16
🖥Creating systems for better workflow.  17:00
💡 Finding out what you want, how to get there, and how to make it happen quickly.  24:40
☝Signature offer in your ecosystem piques customer interest.  28:26
🏆 "In partnerships, both need to win"  31:10
‍🏫 Know what is relevant for your business and focus on that. 40:43

Connect with Tina:

Instagram: @tiiina.wilen
Learn more about the Avenue Growth System:

What is Life After Corporate?

Your ultimate guide for making the leap from corporate leader to entrepreneur. Deb Boulanger is an executive leader, entrepreneur, and founder of The Launch Lab for women entrepreneurs. Is it your time to break through the glass ceiling once and for all and claim your ticket to the C-suite? Come back each week to get leading strategies, advice and tools that will give you the skills and confidence you need to replace your corporate paycheck and make an even bigger impact through your work. Are you ready?