Racial Reckoning: The Arc of Justice

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Former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter was charged with second degree manslaughter Wednesday; community leaders say it’s not enough. The POCI Caucus is demanding swift legislative action toward meaningful police reform. And a motion to acquit Derek Chauvin was denied.

Show Notes

Georgia Fort reports: 

A request to acquit Derek Chauvin was denied Wednesday morning by Judge Cahill. 

“The court’s duty at this point is to look at the evidence in a light most favorable to the state. Based on that standard, the motion for judgment of acquittal is denied.”

Cahill says he expects the trial to wrap up in less than a week, telling jurors they should expect closing arguments on Monday. 

The decision to not acquit Derek Chauvin comes just three days after another unarmed black man was killed by police.

Prosecutors charged former Brooklyn Center police officer Kimberly Potter Wednesday with second-degree manslaughter. Jaylani Hussein, the director of CAIR Minnesota, said it’s not enough:

“What happened to Daunte Wright wasn’t an accident,” said Hussein. “What happened to Daunte Wright was murder. We are tired of this justice system - a system that works for White people, and a system that does not work for People of Color.”

The recent shooting of Daunte Wright in combination with the on-going trial  have created a renewed sense of urgency for lawmakers. John Thompson, a friend of Philando Castile and now a House Representative, pushed to suspend normal duties until substantial legislation on police accountability is adopted.

“I’m asking this whole body to take a bold move and end all budget negotiations until they say Black Lives Matter here in this state,” said Thompson. “We have bills that are not even being heard in the Senate. Bills that will change the trajectory of our communities.”

As protests continue curfews are being determined city by city and assessed day to day.

Some of the audio for this story was provided by CAIR Minnesota. 

What is Racial Reckoning: The Arc of Justice?

Racial Reckoning: The Arc of Justice is a journalism initiative from Ampers, Diverse Radio for Minnesota’s Communities, KMOJ Radio, and the Minnesota Humanities Center covering the trials of the officers accused of killing George Floyd, the community’s reaction, and exploring the changes needed to create a more just society.