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Listen to Brandon break it down! We've gone through all the stories we've covered this week and picked out the top stories for you to hear about in 1 podcast.

Show Notes

The Tennessee Conservative's Big 7 Weekend Digest - December 23, 2022

Buses Of Illegal Immigrants Sent To TN, Legislators Divided On School Choice, 1st Amendment, DEI & Transparency + Much More!  - The TennCon Big 7!

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The Stories:

• Illegal Immigrants Sent To Tennessee While They Wait Their Turn In Court -
Nashville Nonprofits And Churches To Help Illegal Immigrants Heading To Tennessee -

• Tennessee Legislators Divided On Proposed Expansion Of Education Savings Accounts -

• Tennessean Continues To Exercise First Amendment Rights On Public Square Despite Possibility Of Arrest -

• Scholars Push Equity And Inclusion Agenda At Nashville Math Conference -

• Jefferson School Board Ends Practice Of Tracking Citizens -

• TN State Senator Files Legislation To Increase Transparency Of Government Meetings -

• Memphis City Leaders: Increased Crime May Scare Away Potential Investors -

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