Love Online

Online dating has its own sort of burn-out. How do you know when you're approaching the edge? What are the Christian criteria for taking a step back?

Show Notes

How do you know you’ve been doing too much online dating? Is it the same as giving up, or is it something else? And what does a break look like? What do you want to get out of it?

Join host Mel Wade and her team of experienced online daters - Lulu and Ivan from Australia - for the final episode in season one as they look to find the Christian way through the maze that is online dating.

Love Online is brought to you by the Salt Christian Dating App, and is part of the Eternity Podcast Network.

What is Love Online?

Welcome to Love Online, the podcast that aims to give you a practical Christian approach to the world of online dating.

Join host Mel Wade as she ticks off all of the key issues, top questions, and common mistakes associated with pursuing a partner in the online world.

Assisted by an international cast of experienced online daters and dedicated Christians, Mel and the Love Online crew get you ready to start looking for that person who will point you to the greatest person of all.