Woman Leadership With Janet Quek

Welcome to Woman Leadership show. I'm Janet Aisyah and in this episode, I will be sharing with you my first time doing facebook live show.

Show Notes

- When I was asked to do FB live by my mentor GeneciaAlluora, I did not know what to expect and what I need to do but I trust the process just like what I did for podcast recording. I had to do an interview recording with her before that. 
- I was pretty nervous just before the live show and my mentor had an hour conversation to warm me up to prepare me for the interview and show. Before that I asked her if I need to prepare any questions, she told me no need as it would be done during the interview and Facebook live. 
- I was still nervous as I would be on social media with international audience.I was a private person before this when I was in corporate, I would only post and only I can see my post. However, I do check out Facebook post should I like to research for tuition centres, food and shopping. 
- I did not imagine I would be doing FB live as I do not even do postings prior to this. All just happened in such a short 3 months period from doing my podcast, FB postings and FB live. 
- Though I was speaker and trainer in corporate, this is total new to me as speaking to camera online and pretending someone is talking to me. 

Key Takeaways
- When one want to do something whether is presenting, speaking in front of an audience or online, just do it as the more voices are in our heads we will be giving more reasons not to do or even start.
- To have my sharing and voice heard by others who need to hear because it could help them to overcome their littles voices in their heads
- It could inspire anyone to take action and to stay positive in difficult times. 
- I hope that through my sharing, it draws inspiration and personal reflection for you. I believe every woman can be a leader in your own way. Connect with me through Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. 
My links: https://shor.by/leaderonline
- I look forward to seeing you in my next episode where I will be sharing with you tips and ways to realize your full potential as a leader on Woman Leadership. 

What is Woman Leadership With Janet Quek?

This is the Woman Leadership show.

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