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Performance Improvement Process: What models can you use to understand the performance improvement process? (AOE 1: Performance Improvement; Subsection 1.1. Performance Improvement Process)

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Show Notes

Area of Expertise  (AOE) 1: Performance Improvement; Subsection 1.1.: Performance Improvement Process
Learning Objectives for Performance Improvement Process:
  • Explain the importance of understanding multiple performance improvement models
  • Describe the ATD Human Performance Improvement Model
  • Describe the steps of the performance improvement process and how they related to each other
  • Describe Rummler-Braches’ nine box model
  • Recall one alternate performance model
The purpose of performance improvement is to strengthen the organizational processes, systems, products, or services, specifically aims to:
  • Identify the goals of the organization
  • Define the gap between desired performance and actual performance
  • Identify the causes of the performance gap
  • Select appropriate solutions that will address those causes
  • Implement the solutions
  • Evaluate the results
A few things mentioned on this Learn/Perform “track”:
Models Mentioned
Shared Principles of Performance Improvement
  1. Use of a results-based, systematic approach
  2. Focus on outcomes rather than behavior
  3. Organizations are systems 
Key areas of focus for performance improvement: organizational goals and initiatives + changement skills (impetus skills, communication channels/information networks, group dynamics, process, facilitation skills, etc.)

Books mentioned in this episode:

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