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Classlist CEO Susan Burton interviews Cllr Sharad Kumar Jha, Parent Associations Committee Member Dr Challoner's High School. Key highlights are Sharad's description of how the committee welcomes parents into the community. Plus how they managed to achieve a high AGM attendance of parents by using multilingual reps to reach out to a wider group of parents.

Show Notes

Councillor Sharad Kumar Jha Sharad is a company director based in Buckinghamshire. He advises and consults in human resources, communications and public relations. Sharad is highly involved in his community. He is a trustee of the Shree Jagannatha Society UK. He was Vice Chair Primary Education UK and is a true global citizen, speaking over a dozen languages. 

In addition to his day job he is also responsible for event management and guest relations for the Dr Challoner's High School Parent Association. Where he has twin daughters attending. 

In this episode you will learn:
  • How and why Sharad entered the wonderful world of parent associations?
  • What techniques Sharad uses to attract more parents to participate - especially dads?
  • An innovative way of fundraising by combining a social gathering with an investor pitch deck style presentation conducted by the pupils. Raising money, developing pupil entrepreneur skills plus all those involved having fun.
Favourite book:
  • Biographies
  • Books written by Daniel Goleman

What is Community Expert Podcast?

Welcome to the Classlist CX - Community Expert podcast series. Where our aim is to inspire and guide you with insight and advice from our community of experts.

Throughout this series we share best practice from successful school community leaders. In addition we discuss possible career opportunities beyond the school gate. Last but not least we hear from leading speakers from the wider world of community.