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Winona has a pretty great art scene for a city its size. Today on Art Beat we take you back to the Winona Art Walk 2023 for somewhat of a tour. Back in November several local studios opened their doors to the public so that we could all share in some local hometown art. There was so much art to see on the 2023 Art Walk that we decided to break it down into several episodes of Art Beat. On today’s episode, KQAL’s Jiovani Bermudez takes us to Handmade Neighborhood at the Winona County History Center to visit with several different artists. That’s the Winona Art Walk 2023, today on Art Beat.


Original air date: 12/26/23

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What is Art Beat?

Adding insight and giving you a closer look at Minnesota artists. Art Beat airs weekly and features interviews with artists in Winona and around Southeastern Minnesota. Art Beat examines the independent artist community, studio, art tours & fairs.