Silver Wolf Band (Inu, Inuk, Mi'kmaq)
Storms and Prayers (2020)
Interview with Jamie Jackman

Show Notes

The Silver Wolf Band features members of the Inu, Inuk and Mi'kmaq Nations. The band calls Labrador Canada home, and their music is born of the landscape that surrounds them. 
One of the greatest things about music created from Indigenous musicians is its ability to transport you to a specific place or time, and the Silver Wolf Band is certainly no exception. I was fortunate to catch up with the principle songwriter and frontman for the band, Jamie Jackman. We talked about the bands connection to the land of the far north and the songs on their latest album, Storms and Prayers. You're invited to take a musical journey to a place where forests remain unchanged by man, the northern lights fill your mind with wonder and awe, and the milky way continues to reminds us of our place in the cosmos. In addition to tracks from Storms and Prayers, we'll be playing songs from Samantha Crain, The Jerry Cans and more. Enjoy! 

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