MK Podquest

We did it.

The first person in the Continental United States who emails us at theboys@mkpodquest.comwill receive Neal's DVD copies of 'Death to the Supermodels' and 'Poison Ivy' 1-3.

Check out the 'They Made Another One' episode on Poison Ivy II: Lily

We'll do a Mortal Kombat thing next episode.
Until then:
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Creators & Guests

corey price
Co-host of MK Podquest, They Made Another One?! and Strat2
Neal Hallstrom
Co-host and editor of MK Podquest and Crew Expendable, Sega enthusiast, proud Zine owner

What is MK Podquest?

Two internet buddies embark on a journey through the world of licensed Mortal Kombat TV, Film, books and comics.