Blood Cancer Talks

In this episode, we discuss the diagnosis and management of peripheral T-cell lymphoma with Dr. Steven Horwitz, with a focus on the 3 most common types-Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma-NOS, Angioimmunoblastic T-cell Lymphoma (AITL), and Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL). Here are the key papers we discussed: 

1. “How I Treat Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma?”:

2. ECHELON-2- RCT of CHOP vs BV-CHP in CD30-positive peripheral T-cell lymphomas:

3. Ro-CHOP Phase III study (LYSA): Romidepsin-CHOP vs CHOP in peripheral T-cell lymphoma:

4. RCT of autologous vs allogeneic HSCT as part of 1st line therapy in poor risk peripheral T-cell lymphoma:

5. A phase 2 biomarker-driven study of ruxolitinib in T-cell lymphomas:

6. JACKPOT8 study: Selective JAK1 inhibitor in relapsed/refractory peripheral T-cell lymphoma:

What is Blood Cancer Talks?

This is a podcast on latest advances in the understanding and management of blood cancers. Here, we will bring a wide range of experts within hematologic malignancies to discuss various topics in depth.
Host: Raj Chakraborty, MD from Columbia University, New York, Ashwin Kishtagari, MD, from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, and Edward Cliff, MD, from Harvard University, Boston
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