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This week is all about the updates. Less Annoying CRM won a big award, and as always, there's plenty of intern talk.

Show Notes

Here are some topics from this week:
  • Less Annoying CRM was named the #1 CRM by U.S. News and World Report.
  • Tyler restarted employee raises after temporarily freezing them when the pandemic started.
  • Rick now has fully self-serve onboarding.
  • We discuss how to write a terms of service and privacy policy.
  • Rick is making trade offs between sales and product time.
  • Rick wants to retain some of his interns after the summer.
  • Rick has validated that real estate is a good customer segment and is planning next steps.

What is Startup to Last?

Two founders talk about how to build software businesses that are meant to last. Each episode includes a deep dive into a different topic related to starting, growing, and sustaining a healthy business.