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It's no easy task to build a company that's been going 30 years strong and made it through two downturns. Tune in to hear from Jeff Sweenor, the owner of Sweenor Builders, on his story and his approach on building the best homes and the best business.

Show Notes

Building a company through two downturns and crossing 30 years in business is no cake walk.

Jeff Sweenor, owner of Sweenor Builders, talks about his upbringing working in his family's chocolate business, getting his start in construction with no experience, and remaining disciplined when it comes to building the best projects and the best business.

The Sweenor team continues to push the envelop in further elevating the trades in many ways. Such as...

Educational content that shows how they build.

Sweenor University. A program that aims to educate incoming interns and further develop their investment in their own employees. 

Their company has become a magnet for great people and now employs over 60 folks.

Tune in to learn more!

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