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You can get started in investing in fix and flip investors for just $10. Brian Dally of Groundfloor shares how Groundfloor works, the supply and demand world of fix and flip loans and what is happening for homeflippers right now.

Show Notes

This podcast features an interview with Brian Dally,  the co-founder and CEO of Groundfloor. Groundfloor creates fix and flip loans for those interested in investing in home-flipping businesses. It's open to both accredited and nonaccredited investors and you can start for as little as $10. In the interview we discuss real estate crowdfunding, the current investing market, loan grading, and the future of real estate. 

0:00 Introduction
0:37 Intro to Brian Dally and Groundfloor
1:13 The current market and Groundfloor
2:47 How investors are finding deals
4:40 Aging of housing stock
6:27 Partnership with PadSplit
8:01 How does Groundfloor work? 
13:25 How to risk balance
15:50 How Groundfloor scores loans 
21:08 How Groundfloor makes a profit
23:28 Supply and demand on the Groundfloor platform
25:37 Commodities and inflation
27:50 Balancing risk
32:24 Investor communications
35:36 Financing for ADUs
39:00 Are iBuyers competitors for investors? 
40:42 Groundfloor on SeedInvest
43:35 Groundfloor's long-term goals
47:40 The future of real estate crowdfunding 

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