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Today I am talking to Safia Quereish - founder of CLUBZERØ. Safia went from being an architect to founding a company that reimagines how to create a zero-waste, circular economy by making it really easy for consumers and businesses to use recyclable packaging. Safia also did the impossible - she raised money, had a baby, then flew thirteen hours to San Francisco to launch her first pilot - 7 weeks after giving birth. In this episode, she talks about her experience trying to have it all and her advice for other women entrepreneurs thinking of starting a family.

Show Notes

  • [2:02] What inspired you to start CLUBZERØ?
  • [6:42] How did you determine the market opportunity and feasibility?
  • [10:37] How has your background in architecture helped you become an entrepreneur?
  • [15:16] How did you prioritize what to do in the early days?
  • [24:35] In 2018 and 2019 you were raising money, but had also had a baby. How was that experience and what would you say to other women entrepreneurs?
  • [30:38] I’ve heard you say that confidence is your superpower. Where do you get your confidence from?

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