Frontend Coffee Break

Take a moment to consider your current JavaScript debugging process. 

Thankfully, we're dropping some hot tips to make things run smoothly.

In the latest episode of the hit Frontend Coffee Break podcast, Ricard and Chucho delve into the most effective ways to debug JavaScript in 2023, which’ll save every developer loads of time and frustration.

What’s your preferred way to debug JavaScript? Any tips or recommendations we might’ve missed? 🐛

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Creators & Guests

Chucho Castañeda
Senior Frontend Software Engineer at Cognizant Netcentric
Ricard Torres
Principal Frontend Software Engineer at Cognizant Netcentric

What is Frontend Coffee Break?

Take a break, grab a cup of coffee and join us to discuss what's new in frontend development and, why not, outside of it? Jesus 'Chucho' Castañeda is a Senior Frontend Software Engineer & Ricard Torres is a Principal Frontend Software Engineer, both at Cognizant Netcentric. We bring your most needed monthly break. Tune in!