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The DPP was in New York at the beginning of June 2023 for its annual Media Supply Festival. And on Madison Avenue, DPP CEO Mark Harrison caught up with technology and business executives from the media, broadcasting and tech sector to digest and debrief some of the major themes and trends in industry. How are media organisations and their partners working to common goals, and what do organisations like Disney, BBC, Sinclair Broadcast Group, SDVI, Signiant, Overcast and TMT Insights think about the innovations that are powering the content supply chain?

Show Notes

In this episode, DPP CEO Mark Harrison speaks with:

Mike Palmer — Sinclair Broadcast Group, AVP Media Management [3min 35sec]
Nicola Greaves — BBC Studios, EVP Global Operations [8min 01sec]
Melayne Cohen — Disney, VP Content Systems & Business Operations [13min 32sec]
Philippe Brodeur — Overcast, CEO [16min 25sec]
George Kilpatrick — Overcast COO [16min 25sec]
Andy Shenkler — TMT Insights Group, CEO [22min 41sec]
Hannah Barnhardt — TMT Insights Group, COO [22min 41sec]
Margaret Craig — Signiant, CEO [27 min 13sec]
Larry Kaplan — SDVI, CEO [29min 15sec]
Janet Gardner — Perspective Media, President [31min 13sec]

DPP members can explore Mark's Media Supply Festival: The Key Insights summary report here.

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