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Sunak's government in the ethics mire again over Zahawi's taxes and Sharp's appointment as Chair of the BBC Board. The BBC's coverage of Brexit and cuts to Radio Scotland's music provision.

Show Notes

Rishi Sunak promised his government would be characterised by integrity, professionalism, and accountability.
Has that promise been shattered by the revelations over the appointment of Richard Sharp, and Nadhim Zahawi's tax affairs?

Martin Geissler questioned Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar on Sir Keir Starmer's "Make Brexit work" strategy on the Sunday Show. Was it simply coincidence that The National published a poll indicating widespread dissatisfaction with the BBC's coverage of Brexit?

Time for Scotland - the group that organised rallies on Supreme Court Verdict Day - is holding a 'Lights On' event outside the Scottish Parliament on 31 Jan 2023, urging support for Scotland's right to self-determination.
The aim is to remind everyone Brexit was the democratic choice of English voters, not Scots.
To find out more and how to take part in a rally go to

BBC Radio Scotland has also come under fire for its proposals to cut specialist music provision in jazz, classical, and piping.
Is this yet another sign of the broadcaster dancing to a UK BBC policy of budget cuts and ratings chasing?

All this plus reflections on the Business for Scotland annual dinner, the UK government dropping plans to run pilot schemes for menopause leave, and the "Scotch bonnet" stooshy.

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