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What is intentional branding and why it’s important

The benefit of colour in content marketing

The colour psychology behind Jo personal brand.

Rebranding vs Revamping

Show Notes

Have you ever considered Intentional Branding for your marketing strategy? Intentional Branding is the best way to connect with your next consumer in autopiot and in today’s episode Joseph is having a powerful conversation with Garett who is an intentional Branding Strategist.

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Creators & Guests

Claire Chen
Claire Chen is an image consultant, brand stylist and visual strategist. Over 16 years of international experiences working in the corporate of retail fashion and beauty industry as a stylist, and buyer, she has always loved the process of building a brand from scratch. She has combined her passion in merchandising, marketing and design to help small businesses owners and entrepreneurs build a strong, digital brand image and visibility.
Joseph Rubelli
Joseph Rubelli has spent his career building brands, helping businesses grow, and telling stories that resonate with audiences. After years of working in sales, marketing, and business across Europe and EMEA in the beauty & fashion industry for global brands like Lancer, Sephora, and LVMH Group, he combined his experience in corporate with a passion for storytelling and communication to found Rubelli Digital in 2020. He brings his expertise in digital marketing and PR to help business owners and service providers transform their businesses into strong digital brands.
Garret Southerton
Garret Southerton, a Long Island, New York native that specializes in Intentional Branding. He runs his own branding studio, Garett®, to help the change makers, game changers, and trailblazers make a difference in this world position themselves and connect with their communities - because making an impact doesn’t mean sacrificing and income.

What is The Digital Bosses Podcast ?

The Digital Bosses podcast is a biweekly snackable action-based training where you will discover the strategies and action steps to building a profitable business. Joseph and Claire explore topics from growing your brand, to building a successful online presence as a leader and beyond. Snack on these bite-sized business tips that can be implemented in your business right away!