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In this weeks episode, Feyikemi and Simi talk about how to deal with dishonest friends and friends that have stolen from you, intimacy and attachment amongst young adults and how to deal with emotions better. They also put you on to what they’re listening to right now and watching on Netflix.

Show Notes

Friends that steal (5:10)
Crypto (12:00)
Sex and attachment (16:50)
Self-acclaimed nice guy (19:48)
Treat people nicely (23:10)
Dealing with your emotions (25:43)
Flix of the week (41:29)
Music of the week (47: 48)
Fan mail (51:12)

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What is F&S Uncensored?

A podcast about music, pop culture and personal experiences. Hosted by Feyikemi Akin-Bankole and Simi Badiru.