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Our guest today is João Mateus! João is a Portuguese educator and thinker. He has a degree in jazz guitar and developed his entrepreneurial mindset while a teenager, being an active musician. After a wrist injury, he co-founded a training company and worked with thousands of people and hundreds of companies as a Trainer, Coach, and Designer of Learning experiences. He co-founded an NGO focused on teaching soft and meta-skills and became a Pedagogical Coordinator in Entrepreneurial Gym.

We chatted about:
Online Education
  • Why did he start a training company after your music career?
  • How to build effective educational experiences for online courses that target adults? What are the evaluation metrics?
  • Could you name some big mistakes you’ve seen in adult education and how to avoid them?
  • What are the differences between coaching, teaching, and training? 
Being a Bilingual Creator
  • Why do we want to create in English? What were some concerns we had when we made the decision?
  • What are the differences between creating in English and our native language (Portuguese and Chinese)?
  • What have we learned from creating online in English?
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The Angie Creates Podcast interviews curious humans on how they seek to become the most alive versions of themselves through creative expression like movement, writing, and art.