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On this episode of IPP Thursday, Lynn delves into the importance of finding the root of our client's problems. Lynn explains that while some clients may come to us with similar problems, it's crucial to understand that each client is unique and requires an individualized approach. She provides examples of how this can be achieved by asking the right questions and really listening to the client's story. Lynn emphasizes that only by identifying the root cause of the problem can we truly begin to provide effective solutions and help our clients achieve lasting success. This episode is a must-listen for anyone in the field of coaching or counseling who wants to deepen their understanding of how to best serve their clients.

What is SpeakEasy Studios?

SpeakEasy Studios is on a missions to make professional podcasting accessible to everyone. On our individual journeys we come across countless people that share valuable nuggets of wisdom or have an uncanny talent to entertain. Why are they not broadcast to the world? How many others would benefit or be entertained?

The foundation of SpeakEasy Studios was built on our slogan "Speak and Be Heard." Prepare to be educated and entertained while experiencing a wide range of emotion. Some content will make you laugh while other topics may bring tears. Most importantly we want our content to make you think!