Body Count

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Join Jessica and Bethany as they talk Ann Saunders, the Francis Mary, and prove the Donner Party would have been way more metal at sea.

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Looking for Jessica’s main squeeze sources for this episode? Search the following:

Miskolcze, Robin, Women and Children First (University of Nebraska Press, 2008) 

Saunders, Ann, A Narrative of the Shipwreck and Sufferings of Miss Ann Saunders (1827)

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What is Body Count?

Hello and welcome to Body Count, the podcast where we believe history doesn’t repeat itself; it rhymes. Our only rule when we choose a topic: someone, or a lot of someones, died. Host and lazy historian Jessica Manor takes a co-host verbally hostage once a week to cover topics ranging from Genghis Khan to Mount St. Helens. We give you the series of events in a narrative fashion and correlate said story with current events. Please check all highbrow academia at the door and buckle up for a wacky adventure through the annals of history. Member of the Big Heads Media Network.