Leadership Arts Review

Kate Arms leads a discussion of Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up by Jerry Colonna. We look at what it means as a leader to embrace your demons in service of better relationships and more effective leadership.

Jerry Colonna believes that better humans make better leaders. In Reboot, he shares what that means and how we can all become better humans and better leaders.

Kate, Nitya Shekar, and Alyssa Dickman talk about the power of radical self-inquiry, becoming fierce with reality, and facing the crucible moments that transform good leaders into great ones. This conversation gets more personal than usual as we discuss Jerry Colonna's coaching questions and the personal challenges they inspire us to embrace. 

Listen in if you have ever wondered how to achieve success and feel good about who you are in the process.

What is Leadership Arts Review?

Leadership Arts Review is a dynamic podcast about the art and science of leadership.

Kate Arms, Alyssa Dickman, and Nitya Shekar explore a different leadership book each episode to help you navigate all the theories and strategies out there and find the elements that work for you.